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How to Protect your Business with the Right Insurance

  When you have built your own business from the ground, you’ll do anything to protect it. Taking precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and contractors is one part of giving your business the best insurance, as taking out sufficient fire, theft,...

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Adelaide Innovation Hub for Industry 4.0

An innovation hub to help Australian companies make the shift from traditional manufacturing to more advanced, value-added products has opened in Adelaide.   The Tonsley Manufacturing Innovation hub in Adelaide is designed to accelerate the national adoption of...

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Wattleseed Lager brewed in Adelaide

Indigenous beverage company is launched it's new Wattleseed Lager after the successful release of its green ant gin earlier this year.  Something Wild Beverages will officially release its Wattleseed Lager at an event in Darwin on July 4. The beer has been brewed in...

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South Australian Water Industry Experts sought by China

China has engaged South Australian water industry experts to direct aquifer recharge trials in an effort to reduce flooding and improve supply. The consortium of six South Australian companies, known as the Australia China Sponge City Consortium, has opened an office...

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LaserBond technology is off to China

A WORLD leading surface engineering company is licensing its laser technology for the global market. LaserBond this week announced to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) it has shipped its first customised laser cladding system to China in a AU$1.4 million deal. The...

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Trade Credit Insurance for Manufacturers: What is the Benefit?

Have you ever stopped and wondered what would be the effect on your business if your largest debtor could not pay you? The domino effect of non-payment from one of your largest clients can have catastrophic effects on your cash flow, your ability to pay your creditors and your ability to meet customer demand.

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Tindo Solar receives $20 million financing from CEFC

SOUTH Australia's Tindo Solar is being provided up to $20 million senior debt finance from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to locally manufacture, install and own rooftop solar arrays and sell the power to building occupants under a power purchase...

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